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Increasing Adoptions

The Animal League is a strong, national advocate for pet adoption. 

Through our hands-on work with the animals, our cooperative approach with shelter and rescue partners across the country, innovation education, and strategic media relationships, we focus national attention on the plight of shelter animals to increase adoptions nationwide. 

We conduct mobile adoption events to increase visibility and access to amazing shelter pets.  These events provide other shelter and rescue groups with much-needed support so they too can save more lives. 

We continue to be an industry innovator, developing new programs that further animal welfare and adoption practices.

Our sponsorship of helps link potential adopters with thousands of shelters and millions of adoptable animals across the U.S.

Education is also critical part of our goal to elevate the perception of shelter pets, increase shelter adoptions, encourage spay/neuter procedures, and teach the next generation to be more compassionate. 

Our roster of celebrity supporters and our media contacts amplify our voice so the Animal League and other shelter and rescue groups can compete boldly with pet stores to reduce the cycle of animal cruelty.