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Dog & Puppy Training Programs

A new pet is a full-time commitment – one that requires plenty of time, patience and effort. 

  • It’s important to remember that even the most well-trained animal can become nervous and confused in a new environment, and accidents are likely to happen. 

  • You should expect and allow for a few mishaps before your new best friend no longer soils or damages things in your home. 

  • Your new pet needs your time, patience and understanding so that he will learn what is expected of him in order to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

  • A little tender loving care and consistent training go a long way. In time, your pet will surely become a most wonderful addition to your family and a treasured companion.

To assist you with all your new pet experiences, North Shore Animal League America is pleased to offer a variety of training support programs taught by our expert staff.



Training Support on Our Campus

  • Free Canine Behavior Orientation Classes are offered every Sunday at 12:30pm (no registration required).  Classes are held in the Little Learners building at our Port Washington, NY campus.  Directions 

  • Little Learners Puppy Preschool provides training and prevention of problem behaviors for pups through 6 months of age. Classes are one-hour long and conducted at 6:45pm Tuesday evenings and 8pm on Wednesday evenings. They are now open to the public. There are 7 classes per session for a total cost of $125 for adopters and $175 for non-adopters (registration is required). Classes are held in the Little Learners building at our Port Washington, NY campus.  Directions | Learn More

  • Rover Refinement Basic Obedience Classes are open to the public and held at 8 pm on Tuesday evenings and 6:30pm on Wednesday evenings at a cost of $125 for adopters and $175 for non-adopters for 7 classes (registration is required). These classes are open to dogs over the age of 6 months. Classes are held in the Little Learners building at our Port Washington, NY campus. For more information, call ext. 215 or ext. 350. Directions



We handle everything from basic obedience and common problems to separation anxiety, housebreaking
and even food and object possession.

For more information on the services provided,
please call a Behavior Specialist at 516-812-7264.