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Featured Foster Pet: Tamara


Great news! Tamara has found a loving home with Renee, who calls her new furry family member “a real sweetheart.”

Renee was inspired to help an animal in need because her cat Baby, whom she’s had for 18 years, is in her last days. “I didn’t want a ‘perfect’ dog or cat that would be easily adopted,” she says.

In addition, Renee’s sister recently lost one of her dogs, and her remaining dog Suzie missed having a playmate. “I saw that Tamara liked other dogs, so I thought she would be a good match.”

She was right! When Suzie comes to visit, Tamara is thrilled. “They love playing together,” says Renee. “They start jumping all over each other in the yard.”

Tamara isn’t just playful; she’s also a very kind and empathetic dog, says Renee. “She seems to know that my cat is sick and tries to comfort her. She has a lot of love to give.”

Congratulations to Renee, Tamara and their extended family — both human and animal!


Maltese Puppy Mill Beauty Seeking Her Lifetime Foster Parent

When we rescued this beautiful Maltese from a Midwest puppy mill, she was shy and somewhat anxious—not at all surprising, when you realize that she was kept in a cage with little or no socialization for her entire life.

But it didn’t take long before Tamara (the name our rescue team gave her) was an entirely different dog, wagging her tail and giving kisses to her caretakers.

“She is really such a sweet dog,” says Fran, one of our veterinary technicians. “As soon as she realized she was in a safe place with people who cared for her, Tamara’s true self came shining through.”

The loving dog, who is about eight pounds, loves to play and cuddle, and she is full of energy.

Like most puppy mill dogs, Tamara, who we estimate is between two and three years old, was likely given no medical treatment at all before she arrived at the safety of Animal League America. When our veterinary staff examined her, they discovered that she has a heart murmur and hypertension (more commonly known as high blood pressure). These conditions can be treated, but not cured, and we cannot be certain how they will progress.

At this time, Tamara isn’t exhibiting any clinical signs, and is fully able to run, jump and frolic like any other dog. But, because we want to be sure she is carefully monitored, we are seeking a lifetime foster parent for Tamara. This means that we will provide all food, supplies, medicine and veterinary care for her entire lifetime here at our Medical Center in Port Washington, NY to the individual or family who takes Tamara into their homes and hearts.

Tamara will need echocardiograms twice a year (which will be provided for free), and she will likely need medication in the future, but that will also be covered by us.

Are you the perfect match for this sweet girl? To arrange to meet her, please contact Alex Bab at, 516-883-7900, ext. 352. Also, Tamara loves the company of other dogs, so if you are already a dog parent, that would be just fine with her!