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Our Texas Trio Has Been Adopted!

Domino, Joshua and Ivan enjoy some quality time in their “office” while they wait for their hero adopter to bring them home.

This past June, we told you the story of Ivan, Joshua and Domino, three senior dogs who had spent their entire lives together in Texas with a loving adopter. When she moved to an assisted living facility, we took in the trio through our Safe Haven Surviving Pet Care program and have been working tirelessly ever since to find them a home where they could stay together.

We knew it would be a challenge to find someone willing to adopt three dogs, especially when they are over 10 years old. We posted their story on our website and Facebook page, and even put posters up in our adoption headquarters. But for nearly five months, no one stepped forward.

Of course, while Ivan, Joshua and Domino were in our care, they were treated as if they were our own beloved pets, and we all fell for these sweet dogs. They lived cage free in one of our larger managers’ offices, where their human “office mates” showered them with affection. During their numerous daily walks around our campus, they became favorites of our staff, and they relished their regular romps in our dog park.

But there’s no doubt that a home environment is the best place for every animal, and we knew that the right adopter was out there for our terrific Texas trio. We were in the midst of making plans to place Ivan, Joshua and Domino in a loving foster home when their perfect match arrived at our doors!

In October, New Jersey couple Suzanne and Keith, along with their teenage daughter Ashley, adopted this canine family, increasing their pet-loving household to seven—two cats and, now, five dogs!

Suzanne shares the story:

Even though I wasn’t planning to adopt another animal, I look on North Shore Animal League’s website every now and then, and I came across the story about Ivan, Joshua and Domino. I thought, “It’s not going to be easy to find someone to adopt three dogs together, especially since they are seniors.”

I wanted these dogs to stay together. So I showed the story and photo to my husband and he said, “I know you want to get them. Let’s do it.”

So we did! And we’re totally in love with them. They were a bit timid in the beginning, but pretty soon they became totally comfortable.

Many members of Animal League America's staff came out
to wish a fond farewell to three of our favorites—Ivan,
Joshua and Domino—as they get ready to head home!

At first, they had a bit of trouble getting along with the cats, but they’ve come around. Domino also got skunked, so that was quite an adventure. But they’re having a great time. I tell Joshua, “Go play with your brothers,” and he comes running into the living room, rolls on the floor, and does flips. Domino, the girl, goes running after him and bounces around. It’s so funny. Even Ivan, who is 14 and has arthritis, loves to play.

There’s nothing better than being in a cozy home with lots of people to love them. All of our friends and neighbors are animal lovers, so the dogs get attention from us and other people all day long. When my husband gets home from work each day, he talks to each dog individually, making sure they know they are loved. I think they get more attention than most kids do! They have big, plush beds, and they all sleep together at night. We’re so glad they are part of our family.

Kristine Furnari, Kennel Manager at North Shore Animal League America, is thrilled that Ivan, Joshua and Domino were adopted as a family. “They’re doing great in their new home,” she says. “They have already made themselves very comfortable and are even rolling on their backs when playing with the family’s other two dogs. I’m very grateful that we found adopters like Suzanne and her family to open up their home to these three great companions!”

Thinking of adding a new furry best friend to your family? Our Adoption Headquarters in Port Washington, NY has dogs, cats, puppies and kittens of every age awaiting their perfect match, and we are open 365 days a year! Please click here to see just some of the animals available at our shelter, or search for a pet at a shelter near you. Thank you for making the choice to adopt and save a life!

Three Times the Love!

Texas trio needs home where they can stay together after owner enters assisted living facility

The three super seniors pictured here—boys Ivan and Joshua and girl Domino—have lived together for their entire lives. They’ve made a very happy pack, with adoptive mom Olga taking wonderful care of her trio of cuddly canines in their home state of Texas.

But in the last several months, Olga’s health began to decline, and she realized that it was time for her to transition to an assisted living facility. Sadly, she is no longer able to provide for her pets’ needs, including their daily walks and playtime.

Though it’s heartbreaking to think about saying good-bye to our beloved companion animals, Olga made the very smart decision some time ago to enroll her dogs in North Shore Animal League America’s Safe Haven Program. Through the program, pets who are relinquished when an owner dies or becomes ill come to the safety of Animal League America’s campus in Port Washington, NY, where we provide them with expert care and lots of affection until we can find them the perfect home.

“Pet owners can become part of our program by making arrangements through their will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan or even a bank account,” says Eric Lieberman, Senior Manager of Planned Giving. “It’s a simple process that provides peace of mind.”

Last week, Ivan (14), Joshua (10) and Domino (10) arrived at Animal League America, and they were immediately showered with love from our devoted staff and volunteers. They’re now staying together in one of our manager’s offices, so they are able to continue to have each other and also receive care from our rescue and adoption team.

“These three are such sweet dogs,” says Kira, who shares the office with two other rescue associates. “They are calm and quiet, and just love to cuddle up to each other and us.”

But Ivan, Joshua and Domino deserve to be in a home environment as they live out their senior years together. That’s why we are doing our best to adopt all three to one family or individual, instead of splitting them up.

“These sweet dogs have spent their lives together as a family, and we would really love for them to stay a family,” says Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Operations. “Although we know it won’t be easy, we are going to try our hardest to make the match so the dogs can remain together.”

She adds, “Animal lovers have big hearts, and whoever adopts these dogs is going to be very happy with their new pack.”

To learn more about the Safe Haven Program, contact Eric Lieberman,, (516) 883-7900, ext. 354.