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Featured Adoptable Dog: Spike

Update: Spike—Now Known as Tony—Found a Home for the Holidays!

Great news! Spike, the adorable Mutt-i-gree pictured here, found his permanent home early in December. Spike is now called Tony, and he spent Christmas with his new mom Olga and her family, who are giving him tons of affection!

Tony took a few days to begin to warm up and feel relaxed in his new environment, but within a week’s time, he was a brand new dog, Olga reports. He is exploring every nook and cranny of the house, and his favorite spot is on the comfy couch. “He thinks the couch is his place,” says Olga, adding, “Maybe it is!” Tony sleeps right next to Olga each night, happy knowing he is safe and loved.

Marilyn, who fostered the adorable Mutt-i-gree® before Olga adopted him, shared a wonderful message with Olga that applies to every precious animal, and especially those who have been abused or neglected. “He needs to learn that he is a good dog and deserves to be loved,” Marilyn told Olga. “Praise him. I know you will be everything he needs, and you will give him the love he so needs.”

Indeed, Olga is showering lots of love on this beautiful and deserving dog, and she feels much joy as she watches Tony open up and become more affectionate each day. “He is such a good boy, and I would never give up on him,” she says. “He will have a great life!”

Congratulations to Olga and her family! If you’d like to find out more about fostering a pet or adopting one of our foster pets, please contact Alex Bab, our Foster Care Coordinator, at 516-883-7900, ext. 352, or email him at

Spike's Story

Spike is Ready to Come Home for the Holidays

Dogs can’t talk—at least, not our language—but when you look at this photo, can’t you just hear him?

Hi, my name is Spike. I’m a bit shy—well, sometimes I’m a lot shy—but I’m a loving dog who just wants to find a home. I’d really like to meet you so we can get to know each other and then find out, together, if we are a match made in heaven.

North Shore Animal League America rescued Spike, who is about 10 months old, from an overcrowded municipal shelter in Tennessee. Thankfully, the shelter is one of our partners in rescue, and they asked us to find a home for Spike. We think that this adorable Mutt-i-gree® might be a mix of Schnauzer, Shi Tzu, and maybe Yorkie—but whatever he is, one thing’s for certain: He’s a great dog in need of a loving, permanent home.

Spike is now in foster care with one of our regular volunteers, Marilyn McKaie, who has fostered more than a dozen dogs for us this year (and many more in years past). Marilyn has been working with Spike to help him overcome his fearfulness, which may have been caused by abuse.

“He has come a long way in just one week,” she reports. “He isn’t completely over his shyness, but he’s opening up more each day. He loves to sit on my lap. I know he will be a great dog for the person who has the patience and understanding to work with him.”

Spike is neutered, has all his shots, and is very healthy. He is also housebroken and crate-trained.

To find out more about Spike or to make an appointment to meet Spike and Marilyn, please contact Alex Bab, our Foster Care Coordinator, at 516-883-7900, ext. 352, or email him at