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To the Rescue!

Board member Yasuko Yamaguchi saves the life of yet another feline in peril

When this adorable kitten was in dire need of help, he had the very good fortune to find his way to the yard of a true cat lover.

Earlier this month, Yasuko Yamaguchi heard a sad-sounding meow near her house, and she immediately responded to the call. Mrs. Yamaguchi, owner with her husband Akiri of Yamaguchi Restaurant in Port Washington, NY, and a member of North Shore Animal League America’s Board of Directors, has responded to such cries of distress many times over the years, taking in cats and kittens in need of loving homes.

When she found the tiny kitten, she was heartbroken to see that one of his front legs was mangled, which she suspected was likely the result of a car accident.

Mrs. Yamaguchi immediately brought the sweet baby to Animal League America’s Medical Center, where he was quickly rushed into our treatment room. Dr. Mark Verdino, VP and Chief of Veterinary Staff, examined the kitten and determined that his leg was not repairable. The only course of action was to amputate the leg, and then provide the kitten with expert, loving care while he healed from the surgery.

Although it’s sad to think about any animal suffering from such an injury, this story has a very happy ending. The kitten, whom Mrs. Yamaguchi named Kuma-chan, or Little Bear, has adapted beautifully to his condition, and he is now the ninth feline member of the Yamaguchi family!

“He is just the sweetest kitten,” says Mrs. Yamaguchi, who is well known in the area for her devotion to animal rescue and adoption. “He is playing and running around just like any other kitten, and he doesn’t seem to even notice that he is any different than our other cats.”

Whether you call it fate, divine intervention or plain-old good luck, it’s very clear that Kuma-chan made a very smart decision when he found his way to the wonderful home of the Yamaguchi family.

“Yasuko Yamaguchi believes passionately in animal rescue and adoption, and we are very lucky that she is so committed to our organization and our mission,” says Joanne Yohannan, Senior VP of Operations at Animal League America. “All homeless animals in need have no better champion than this amazing woman.”