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Monica Rich Kosann’s collection of 18-karat gold and sterling silver lockets, charm bracelets, necklaces and other fine jewelry is rooted in the idea that every woman has a story to tell. Today her full line jewelry collections in both silver and gold are offered in her lifestyle shop at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and over 100 fine jewelry and specialty stores. As the owner of an 11 year old shelter dog, Monica was excited to partner with North Shore Animal League America in her MONICA CARES program and create an everyday Poesy Ring style that would support animal welfare.

Monica Rich Kosann has introduced a new charity program, MONICA CARES, offering exclusively designed styles in sterling silver and 18k gold from their Poesy Ring collection. The unique Paw Print style supporting Animal League America bears a special "poesy" inscription of Unconditional Love with up to 65% of the purchase price going back to Animal League America.  

"I feel a close connection to each of our partners in MONICA CARES and the designs I have created are understated pieces that tell the different story of each charity. The collection made for North Shore Animal League America allows our customers to wear a sentimental piece of jewelry that has a personal meaning to them while giving back to this truly inspirational charity."
- Monica Rich Kosann

Visit to learn more about MONICA CARES.

Donation to North Shore Animal League America: $87.75 of the $135 purchase price of the Sterling Silver Poesy Ring necklace; $492.50 of the $985 purchase price of the 18K Gold Poesy Ring; $702.50 of the $1,405 purchase price of the 18K Gold Poesy Ring Necklace

Retail Prices: Sterling Silver Poesy Ring Necklace: $135; 18K Gold Poesy Ring:  $985; 18k Gold Poesy Ring Necklace: $1,405

Click here to view and purchase the Paw Print style Poesy Collection.

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