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When you hear the word “January,” what comes to mind? If you live in the Northeast, you probably think of snow, wind, cold — and the occasional clear, dazzling day like today. Despite the low temperature, it’s a gorgeous, invigorating afternoon, just the kind of day that inspires fresh starts.

Maybe that’s why people invented New Year’s resolutions — to encourage themselves to press their personal reset buttons and develop some new good habits.

One new habit you might consider is adding your local animal shelter to your... Read more...

The Gifts in Our Lives

Posted by on December 12, 2014

I absolutely love this time of year—the friends, the lights, the colors and music, the food, and all the wonderful memories—and in our house, of course, the antics of our adorable cats!

As usual, Howard and I are surrounded by our six resident cats, and they sure do love the Christmas tree! Sometimes I think they believe it’s a special gift just for them.

And why not? Gifts are on the minds of a lot of us this time of year—the gifts we’re thankful to receive and the ones we plan to give. In the midst of this festive time, my thoughts... Read more...

Giving Thanks for the Sweetest Blessings

Posted by on November 17, 2014

Something about this season always draws me closer to my own thoughts. The days grow shorter, the temperatures drop, even the layers of clothing we wear seem to slow us down, give us pause — making us more introspective and meditative.

So it’s not surprising that, despite the busy-ness of the holidays— the festivities, the shopping, the cooking — this time of year focuses our attention on the things that make life most meaningful — an “emotional harvest,” you might say — of the passing year’s gifts.

I think...

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