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Ollie is tiny, spunky, orange, and blind. He loves to eat, he loves to play, he loves to sleep, and he loves to love. In other words, Ollie loves life.

But when I met Ollie in late May, he didn’t have much in his life worth loving. The first time I held him, he was swaddled inside a thick plaid blanket, just his little head, with his badly damaged eyes, poking out. Even through all those layers, I could feel him quivering. He’d just been rescued from a window well where another animal had attacked and mauled him. His injuries were extreme, and eventually led to a... Read more...

It may only be June, but I’ve got a whole summer’s worth of nugget news to deliver.

First — and there’s no escaping it — we’re neck-deep in kitten season. Shelters everywhere are overflowing with adorable kittens. “Adorable kittens.” That’s a redundancy, isn’t it? Have you ever seen a kitten who isn't adorable?

The not adorable part is the word “overflowing.” These kittens are homeless,... Read more...

When I began fostering felines with North Shore Animal League America more than two years ago, I felt like everyone feels in the presence of adorable, helpless, wide-eyed kittens. A part of me wanted to keep them all. And my Instagram followers were always there to tempt me: “You can’t let Buddy go? He loves you so much!” or “I’ve never seen a cuter kitten than Gidget. You’re going to keep her, right?”

Sorry, but no. I’m not going to keep them, because each one deserves a perfect home of his or her own. Of course it’s hard... Read more...

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