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It may only be June, but I’ve got a whole summer’s worth of nugget news to deliver.

First — and there’s no escaping it — we’re neck-deep in kitten season. Shelters everywhere are overflowing with adorable kittens. “Adorable kittens.” That’s a redundancy, isn’t it? Have you ever seen a kitten who isn't adorable?

The not adorable part is the word “overflowing.” These kittens are homeless,... Read more...

When I began fostering felines with North Shore Animal League America more than two years ago, I felt like everyone feels in the presence of adorable, helpless, wide-eyed kittens. A part of me wanted to keep them all. And my Instagram followers were always there to tempt me: “You can’t let Buddy go? He loves you so much!” or “I’ve never seen a cuter kitten than Gidget. You’re going to keep her, right?”

Sorry, but no. I’m not going to keep them, because each one deserves a perfect home of his or her own. Of course it’s hard... Read more...

Preventable Heartbreak

Posted by Beth Stern on April 12, 2016

Kitten Season: Bright-Eyed and Desperate

Sometimes I look at one of my nuggets and wonder, how is this real? How could anything this beautiful, this vulnerable, this defenseless and eager for life be truly real?

And then I remember…it’s kitten season, the time of year when millions of these little miracles appear everywhere, huddling on city streets and country roads — abandoned, orphaned, injured — inundating shelters where they’re often euthanized for lack of resources and space.

Kitten season — two words...

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