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Giving Thanks for Thankfulness

Posted by on November 16, 2015

Sometimes the world makes it hard to feel grateful.

The terrible events that occurred in Beirut and Paris earlier this month — a month we traditionally dedicate to gratitude — were so disheartening that it was easy to forget that life is still beautiful.

The greatest gift my miraculous fosters give me day after day is an affirmation of this fact. The light from their innocent eyes, their playfulness, and their willingness to trust and be present in the moment — everything they do teaches me how to accept love and give it in return — even when... Read more...

Getting Our Rescue On! Together!

Posted by on October 20, 2015

In early September, I joined my colleagues at North Shore Animal League America to launch one of the most exciting rescue awareness campaigns ever. As I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s called Get Your Rescue On®, and already hundreds of people from all walks of life have donated to get their rescue cuffs, taken a selfie with their beloved rescue pet, and posted it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the hashtag #GetYourRescueOn.


From May to September: Kitten Season Winds Down

Posted by on September 16, 2015

As usual, summer at my house means kitten season. We’ve cared for so many little nuggets the past few months, socializing them and getting them ready for their new homes. What a bittersweet thrill it is to leave each of these precious bundles in the arms of their new families.

Although this summer was typical in many ways, there was also something unusual about it. Namely, Buddy (adopted!), Wilson (adopted!), Blossom (adopted!), and Milly (shown below), a recent arrival still acclimating.


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