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Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath: A Tale of Thanks

Posted by on November 16, 2012

In September’s blog, I shared with you how proud I am to be the spokesperson for Animal League America—especially in the wake of their lifesaving emergency rescue efforts during this summer’s many natural disasters, including the Colorado wildfires and Hurricane Isaac. Little did I know that, just a few months later, my fellow New Yorkers and I would experience a catastrophe of the same magnitude.

As I write this message, more than two weeks after Hurricane Sandy struck, numerous residents of New York and the surrounding region are still without electricity, heat, clean water and other essential services. Many coastal communities—both on Long Island, where I live, and in New York City and New Jersey—were completely devastated.
Tragically, thousands lost their homes, and some even lost their lives.

When animal owners are forced to evacuate their homes or left homeless due to such a horrific event, they face an additional challenge: where to bring their beloved pets. Most emergency shelters don’t allow pets. And for those who have friends or family who can take them in, sometimes circumstances don’t enable them to bring their animals with them. No one should have to make the choice of staying in harm’s way or leaving their pets behind.

Animal League America once again rose to the challenge, as it has during dozens of natural disasters and national emergencies all around the country. The rescue teams set up an Emergency Pet Shelter at Mitchel Field in Nassau County, enabling pet owners to keep their animals safe, warm and loved as they begin to rebuild their lives.

Hundreds of dogs and cats were given the tender, loving care they needed, as their families entrusted their well-being to Animal League America and its partners in rescue. I’ve seen the love and devotion these rescue workers bestow on each and every animal in their care. They truly do treat them as if they were their own.

As the recovery process continues, Animal League America is reaching out all around the region, delivering pet food to communities still suffering from Sandy’s aftermath.

During this season of thanks, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the privilege of representing this amazing organization. For all who have suffered a loss because of Hurricane Sandy, I send you my prayers for a speedy and full recovery. To all my friends at Animal League America, and all of you who support their work, I wish you a blessed holiday season.


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Submitted by Vicki on: November 18, 2012
Hi Beth, Ijust have to tell you that you are so inspiring as an animal advocate, a positive attitude and just as a loving, beautiful person.  I look forward to your tweets, blogs, pictures and how they allow us all a peek into your soul and your heart.  After losing one of our 3 furry family members after 15 years with us, around the time you lost Bianca, i was devastated, and you inspired me to start giving back and volunteering at our local no kill, CatDepot which has helped so much towards healing.  Tomorrow we will be "parents" of 3 once again when we bring home Buddy, a beautiful, sweet 14-yr old kitty.  You and Howard are both such beautiful souls and are so equally lucky to have each other!  Thanks for being you!

Submitted by Tommy Malden on: November 18, 2012
Beth, thanks for the great work you did during Sandy. Many pets lives were saved. You brought great comfort to those with dogs and cats. Best wishes for the holiday season

Submitted by Scott Ostrosky on: November 17, 2012
Sis you are doing a great job and I love you keep up the good work! xoxoxoxox <3

Submitted by Marci on: November 16, 2012
Thank you for being involved in helping people devastated by the storm to have peace of mind where their pets are concerned!


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