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Fall Thoughts

Posted by on October 14, 2009

Autumn in New York is an incredible sight. Multi-colored leaves illuminate the trees with splashes of red and gold, as if to give their final farewells before retiring for winter, and a sense of solitude is in the air. When it's quiet and lovely like this, it really makes me reflect.

I've been thinking about the adult cats at North Shore Animal League America. I'm not sure why, but more people focus on adopting kittens, puppies and dogs, than they do cats, and the poor adult cats are often the last to go home. This really amazes me - and not just because I LOVE CATS! 

Adult cats have so much to offer. Not only are they affectionate companions and beautiful animals, they are extremely low-maintenance pets. It's surprisingly easy to care for an adult cat. They are litter box trained, already have their shots and are extremely independent. You don't even have to go through a time-consuming training routine as you do kittens and puppies, and they get into less mischief. An adult cat is perfect for those with busy lifestyles or who travel frequently.

Check out even more benefits of adopting an adult cat here.

Just recently, my friend Annie just paid a visit to the Animal League and adopted a gorgeous adult cat named Candy. Annie was never a "cat person" but when she moved out on her own, she really wanted a companion to sit with, play and cuddle with - to keep her nights from being so lonely. She checked out what cats were available for adoption at the Animal League, a place she knew she could trust from the beginning (her family always brought their dog to the vets on staff there). Annie found it very saddening to see so many wonderful cats just waiting to be adopted. Then she met Candy, who she was told was shy and a picky eater, and fell in love. In fact, about a week later, she told me that Candy is no longer shy - she sleeps in Annie's bed, follows her around, cuddles all the time and even greets her at the door when she comes home from work. AND she told me that Candy may need to go on a diet soon from eating too much! I love it!

Just like that, Annie's life has changed and Candy's life has changed. This is what Annie had to say, "I had a great experience adopting Candy, and for someone who never even thought about adopting a cat all her life, it was the best decision I ever made! We're the best of friends now and she is super comfortable in her new home! Thanks so much for bringing Candy and I together!"

The last time I visited the Animal League, I spent some time in their Cat Habitat playing with the kitties. I had so much fun dangling toy mice and getting them running and jumping. There was this one adorable, adult calico cat named Ruth that was being especially cute. I was trying to play with the little chubsie and give her some exercise but she kept climbing up into my lap. What a sweetie!

Every time I visit the Animal League, I leave with a renewed sense of purpose. I'm going home, but there are so many animals that haven't yet. I always turn my head and look back as we drive away and try to think of what I can do next to help all of my furry friends.

Like the autumn leaves on the trees, I always want to show one last burst of love before I go.


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