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Happy New Year Thoughts

Posted by on January 10, 2011

There's a new man in my life...Walter Stern, a 5-year-old cat Howard and I adopted from North Shore Animal League America three months ago. He has brought even more joy to our household. Apple the cat we adopted one year ago has finally warmed up to Walter and they are co-existing quite nicely. Cats are so easy!! Walter had so much fun with our Christmas tree. We found the soft ornaments that we hung low on the tree all over the house. The holiday season was just perfect – the fireplace lit constantly, Apple on my lap, Bianca the bulldog snoring at my feet, and Walter nestled under the tree...true bliss.

2010 was a wonderful year. Sara, the pit bull mix that survived the house fire, was adopted!! She had burns over 90% of her body and she has recovered quite nicely. She is such a love; I just adore her. My wish was for her to find a new family by the end of the year, and my wish came true! I'm sure Sara is bringing such joy to her new home.

A few months ago, I was at the Animal League taping a segment with Maria Sansone for LXTV, and a special girl captured my eye. Ginger was brought to the Animal League by her owner, an old man suffering from dementia, on his way to his assisted living home. His wife had died recently, and he was off to his new living arrangements, unable to take 8-year-old Ginger. He knew that Ginger would be safe at the Animal League until the staff and volunteers could find her a new home. This Ginger broke my heart. Her eyes were so, so sad. She missed her owner and was on the lookout, waiting for her dad to come and pick her up. I went home that day and shared her story with my husband. This touched Howard as it did me, and he told Ginger's story on his radio show. A very special couple heard her story on Howard's show and drove to meet her and fell in love with sweet Ginger immediately. Needless to say, Ginger loves her new family so much. I got the chance to meet them at an event I hosted for Pacha's 5th anniversary. Pacha is a great club in New York City. All of the proceeds that evening went to North Shore Animal League America. It was such a fun event, and it was so lovely to meet Ginger's new parents. They adore her so!!

My mission this year is to keep on spreading the word about animal rescue and adoption, encouraging people to visit their local shelters and to consider adopting an adult cat. I promise you, even if you are not a "cat person" (I hear this all the time), do me a favor…foster a cat for a week. I can promise you that you will fall in love, as I did. Walter and Apple arriving are the happiest moments of our 2010. And in case you were wondering, Bianca the Bulldog loves them as well.

Happy New Year! We had so many successful adoptions this year. Here's to another successful year of saving pets’ lives!

xo Beth Stern

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