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Road Trip!

Posted by on March 10, 2014

For me, nothing says spring like North Shore Animal League’s America’s annual Tour For Life®!

Yes, there is probably still snow on the ground— this year, more snow than usual! — but whatever the weather, this life-saving adventure never fails to inspire me.

Thanks to our “shelters on wheels,” local shelters and rescue organizations across the country can bring their precious Mutt-i-grees® into their communities for adopters to meet, greet, fall in love with, and adopt!

And because of its national vision, generous donors, and boundless dedication, the League, can spread the message from coast to coast to adopt. I am so proud to be part of this incredible work. And honestly, I can’t help but picture all those happy faces — human, canine, and feline — that will find each other because our mobile units rolled into town.

Tour 2014 is, in fact, our 14th annual effort — quite an achievement! — covering 17,000 miles and visiting 52 cities in 26 states, plus Washington, D.C, all between March 12 and May 16. Since its launch in 2001, TFL has saved tens of thousands of recued animals in states from Connecticut to California, and in the process raised awareness of local shelters by helping people see for themselves the charms and virtues of a rescued pet.

This year, working with more than 100 shelters and rescue groups, our mobile units will welcome aboard rescue pets of all varieties, transporting them to popular, accessible community-friendly venues and allowing those shelters to make new friends in their communities — encouraging people to adopt, adopt, adopt!

Did I mention adopt?

To continue the celebration of animal shelter adoptions, there has been a new addition to this year’s Tour For Life! Schools and libraries along the Tour For Life will be joining us at our Tour stops to host Mutt-i-grees Pack Parties.  

The Pack Parties are events are designed to raise funds and raise awareness for local shelters and Mutt-i-grees’ in-school curriculum programs. More than 60 schools, libraries, and after school programs have signed on to host parties during the Tour, joining our life-saving mission.

So…Tour For Life 2014 is on a roll, you might say. The goals expand year to year, but at heart it’s all about adoption — showing people that shelter animals, whether mixed breeds, “pure” breeds, or mystery breeds are all Mutt-i-grees — the best pets of all.

Please check out all of our stops and join us on the road to meet the rescued pet of your dreams! Or if you’re nearby, connect with us in New York for TFL’s Grand Finale, as we welcome home our vans on Friday, May 16, at NYC Time Square from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. to celebrate spring and another year of life-saving success!


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