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Sammy and Serendipity

Posted by on August 13, 2014

Sometimes things just seem to fall into place all by themselves. That’s how it felt when Howard and I recently helped a wonderful dog named Sammy find a fantastic new home.

I heard about Sammy when one of my colleagues at North Shore Animal League America sent me his photo, along with his heartbreaking story. This poor dog lived his whole life in a home where he was completely neglected. Then, a kind staff member at the League rescued him and fostered him back to health. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep him.

So here was this lovable boy, fully housebroken, a perfect gentleman, handsome as could be, and great with kids and other animals. An easy adoption, right?

Well, actually, no, because Sammy has one thing working against him: his age. At 12, Sammy is a senior dog, and sadly, senior pets are often hard to find great homes for. So Howard and I went to work for this sweet senior. I featured Sammy on my social media accounts and Howard talked about Sammy on air and also posted his irresistible face on, with a plea to “Adopt Sammy the Dog – Beth’s Pick of the Month.”

What happened next is the part that seems like pure luck. A woman who just happens to work at Sirius studios, where Howard tapes his show, saw Sammy’s photo online, called my colleague at the League, and brought her family to meet Sammy. They’d adopted from the League before. It was a perfect match. And the rest is happy history.

But every lucky coincidence has a backstory, and in this case, Howard and I would never have been able to help Sammy if the people at North Shore Animal League America didn’t care about senior pets as much as they care about puppies and kittens.

As part of its support for mature pets, the League runs an amazing program called Seniors for Seniors — because when it comes to enjoying the love of a pet, age should never be a barrier. Living with a dog or cat can mean so much to an older person. Each day, these good animals give us companionship, encouragement, and support — and medical science has proven that caring for a dog or cat provides us with countless health benefits.

The Seniors for Seniors Program helps people 60 and older find the perfect companion. Trained adoption counselors select wonderful adult animals for this program, and then assist adopters to find their match. The program also provides qualified seniors with special benefits to help them care for their best friends, including waiving of the adoption fee, various discounts on products and medical services, and two complimentary wellness exams and grooming sessions every year.

Besides all these services, the League offers the Olga Graham Fund, which enables a limited number of qualified seniors living on fixed incomes to receive even more lifesaving help with pet care, providing they meet the eligibility guidelines.

Just think how many lives — human, feline, and canine — have been enriched because of this great program. I’m so proud to be part of North Shore Animal League America, an organization whose sensitivity has brought together thousands of older pets and people to share precious time.

So whatever your age, think about adopting a senior pet. I urge you to learn more about the Senior for Seniors program, and be sure to follow the League on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram when they share their senior pets on #seniorsaturdays or #seniorsundays.


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