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Spring 2009 Thoughts

Posted by on March 31, 2009

One of the most exciting days of the year for me is when all come together to support and send off our 2 mobile units as they begin their Tour For Life® journey! It was so moving last week as the Father Chadwick and Rabbi Gellman blessed the mobile units and cut the ribbon before they went off! It was so exciting to think about all the lives are about to be saved!!! Tour For Life® Spokesperson Kathryn Erbe and her dog Lilah were so wonderful as they carried out their duties as hosts of the day. That Lilah is just the most gorgeous Mutt-i-gree I've ever seen. I think Bianca was jealous of Lilah’s admirers! Our prayers are with all the drivers and we can't wait for their return with all of the wonderful and inspiring stories from all the cities that are participating. We will see you at FAO Schwarz for the Grand Finale on April 25th! Check out the slideshow from the kick-off. Also be sure to check the Tour For Life site to see when they are coming to a city near you.

I had a wonderful visit with my friend, Monica Seles, a few weeks ago at the Animal League. The wonderful TV show, 20/20, was covering her for an upcoming story and she informed them of her passion for rescuing animals and how she and I were friends and supporters of the largest no-kill shelter in the world- North Shore Animal League America!! So, the 20/20 camera crew filmed us as we toured the facility and Monica bottle-fed a litter of kittens. It was a really special day. Be sure to check out the show on Friday, April 17th. I just love that girl and her passion for animals. Thank you, Monica.

I've begun writing my book that is being published by Simon Spotlight of Simon & Schuster. The concept of my book is basically "what to expect when you're expecting a dog into your life!" (not the title) It is really research driven and I want to pack the book with everything one needs to know about having a dog in their home. If you have any tips or special things that you do with your dog that you feel people would benefit from knowing, please email me and let me know. I don't want to miss anything! Everyone thinks I am a dog "expert," and I am surely not, but after all the research I am obtaining, I think at the end of this project, I may very well be one! I am so lucky to have the support from North Shore Animal League America and all of the staff and volunteers to help me with this endeavor. Of course, the sale of the book will benefit my favorite charity!! (3 guesses...haha!)

There is a really special dog at The Animal League that I would love to spotlight as my PICK OF THE MONTH.

Osita, a very young-at-heart 6-year-old has captured MY heart on a recent visit to The Animal League. Osita was adopted many years ago as a puppy. She has a skin condition called demodex that causes hair loss if not properly maintained. Unfortunately, Osita's previous owner suffers from a terminal illness and was unable to provide the care that she needs. Osita is such a loving, happy girl, which is a testament to the wonderful kindness her previous owner gave her. If you can open your heart and home to Osita, I promise you that she will only add LOVE. Come visit her and see for yourself. She is truly so special.

Looking forward to spring!!! Get the ADVANTIX out! Flea and tick season is right around the corner and your dogs need to be protected.

xo beth O.

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