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Spring Thoughts 2008

Posted by on March 31, 2008

Hi! Welcome to springtime!

I recently spent the day at North Shore Animal League America and the sun was shining brightly for a photo shoot for CITY TAILS magazine. I was asked to be the first "human" subject by Janice Brown, the creator of this wonderful magazine, and I was honored to accept. I requested that I be photographed with some of our "adult" dogs at the Animal League. I want to always feature a special dog or cat that has an amazing story and who I think would be a wonderful addition to anyone's home. Christopher Appoldt, a friend of the Animal League, is the photographer I recommended to photograph us. He has taken some of the best photos of me for our print PSAs as well as covering our annual DogCatemy Celebrity Gala and has also photographed my favorite portrait of Bianca and me. THANK YOU, CHRIS!!!

I had the blessing to meet two of the adult dogs whom Joanne (Senior VP of Operations and Rescue) hand picked for our shoot. Molly, an 8-year-old German shepherd mix, was brought to the Animal League after she was found in her home with her human mother who passed away, just a few weeks ago. Molly is in our Safe Haven Surviving Pet Care Program where the Animal League takes a pet whose owner passes and promises to keep them safe and sheltered and cared for until he/she is placed in a loving home. Because of this wonderful program that we offer, Molly did not end up in a kill shelter. Molly seemed really sad to me. I was rolling in the lawn with her, trying to make her smile for the camera. She was so beautiful and special and yearning for someone to love her again as her deceased mother did. She is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet, so dignified, but so, so sad.

Next up was Ben, a 6-year-old gentle soul. A Pointer mix, he was quite a beauty with the most exquisite white coat and strong eyes. He has been with us at the Animal League for over a year now. He was adopted as a puppy and he developed epilepsy and was returned because his owner was moving and couldn't deal with giving him his daily medicine (2x a day.) He is the absolute sweetest dog you will ever meet and deserves a great home. He and I were spooning on the lawn and I was showering him with love and kisses, which he absolutely loved.

If you come for a visit to the Animal League, please ask for Molly and Ben. Take a look and spend some time with them. Also check out Dylan. Talk about a big mass of LOVE!!! Spend some time with them and the other adult dogs. And if you have some extra room in your heart and home, consider making them a part of your family. And check us out in the August issue of CITY TAILS Magazine!!

xoxoxo Beth O.

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