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Winter Thoughts 2008

Posted by Beth on December 1, 2008

Happy winter. As I write this, the streets of the city are snow covered and I am happy that my city block has started to use the dog-friendly salt. It pains me to watch dogs in distress from the burning salt on their pads. Keep in mind when buying salt that there is an alternative that is not painful to your dog! And if not, be sure to coat their pads with that special wax to prevent burning. And check out all our 10 Winter Tips for Your Pet.

I recently had the honor of co-hosting the Morning Show with Mike & Juliet where I was able to talk about North Shore Animal League America and parade a few of our dogs on TV. We had a really beautiful black Mutt-i-gree who was found at Belmont Park Racetrack in Elmont, NY, a few months ago. The horse trainers were able to get hold of her and bring her to the Animal League. After her appearance on the Channel 7 News and being showcased on The M & J Show, her owner called and they had the most beautiful reunion!! Talk about the tears flowing!! HAPPINESS all around!!

On another HAPPY note- my good friend and producer of my husband's morning radio show, Gary Dell'Abate, adopted two kittens from the Animal League a few months ago. I am happy to report that everyone is doing well and the kitties get along so well with the family dog. I think sometimes people forget about the cats and kittens. We have lots to choose from!

Stay warm! I am dreaming of summertime already. I am looking forward to summertime so much that I've already begun planning an event for the Animal League in the Hamptons for June. And it does not involve running! No more marathons for me!!

XO Beth Stern

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