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Harvey Fierstein Adopts Again

Posted by on September 1, 2010

Two years ago, Tony Award-Winning Actor, Harvey Fierstein stopped by the Animal League looking for a new family member. Enter Lola, a sweet loving Border Collie Mutt-i-gree®.

Now that she is all grown up, Harvey decided it was time to pay another visit to the Animal League in search of a little brother for Lola. Harvey suggested that he would like a male dog that would stand out among the other dogs that visit his home on play dates – one that would be big some day. Enter Big Boy!

Harvey is thrilled with his new pup saying, “Big Boy and Lola are already inseparable. Lola is so in love that she actually watches him sleep. She’s like a lovesick junior high school girl. Hysterical!”

Big Boy and Lola

Big Boy

Big Boy and Lola

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