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Marc Bouwer

Posted by on September 12, 2012

Fashion designer Marc Bouwer and his business partner Frank Margolia’s collections have been worn by everyone from pop-stars to politicians! They are both used to making a fashion statement. This time, they made an adoption statement!

Marc was searching for a companion after his beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Goliath, passed away. Frank’s parents Cathy and Fred were looking to adopt as well. That’s when they met Ashley and her puppies Tallulah and Lily. Ashley is a Maltese who spent most of her life as a breeding dog in a mill producing litter after litter of puppies.

Ashley was brought to North Shore Animal League’s nursery where she was able to raise her puppies in a safe, loving place with lots of care and supervision from our vet techs. Ashley and her two puppies Lily and Tallulah are now part of an extended family. Marc Bouwer fell in love with Tallulah while Ashley was adopted along with Lily by Frank and his parents. “Animals are my passion. I grew up around cats and dogs. I want people to be aware that adopting an animal is something that you have to do. We need save them, not to buy them from a store like you would a toy.” said Marc. Marc Bouwer is also known as a cruelty free fashion designer who uses no animal byproducts in his designs.
Tallulah is now the newest fashionista to join his family and already has the title of “head greeter” in his glamorous showroom.

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