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Concern for Canines Left Outside in Frigid Temperatures in Montgomery County, NY

North Shore Animal League Emergency Rescue Team
Ready to Deploy to Offer Assistance

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January 8, 2014 Port Washington, NY - North Shore Animal League America deployed two of our Mobile Rescue & Adoption Units to Montgomery County, NY yesterday and worked alongside the Montgomery County SPCA and the Glen Highland Farm Sweet Border Collie Rescue to ensure the safety and well being of the dogs being kept at the Flat Creek Border Collie kennel.  Through the -8 degree temperatures our Emergency Rescue Team assisted in gathering the dogs and bringing them on our Mobile Unit so that the SPCA could properly examine and identify the dogs. The dogs, according to a court order, were seized and are now in the protective custody of the Montgomery County SPCA and the Glen Highland Farm Sweet Border Collie Rescue.


According to The Lexus Project, Legal Defense for Dogs:

All but four adult dogs have been removed as of today. The four that are remaining have proper, insulated kennels and all other provisions that have been inspected.

The puppies have all been moved inside and cannot go back out in the day unless it is over 32 degrees and in the evenings unless it is over 45 degrees. All the dogs that were removed will be returned when all the provisions that were agreed upon in court are done and inspected. There will be continued inspections.

We return to court on January 21 to see where things stand and where we go from here. Today was the emergency hearing, January 21 is the return date.

January 7, 2014 Port Washington, NY – North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization has serious concerns with the well-being of 66 dogs left outside in frigid temperatures in Montgomery County, NY.   The dogs, currently living outdoors at Flat Creek Border Collie can be seen frolicking in the snow or attempting to get warm in plastic barrels with no insulation.

According to State Police have received numerous complaints about the dogs and have been on-site at the farm since last week. Since last week temperatures
in Montgomery County have continued to fall and these canines are still being kept outdoors.  According to the New York Times these frigid temperatures are the coldest
the country has seen in years.

“It is outrageous that anyone can consider temperatures in the single digits with the wind chill to be an appropriate environment for animals to be kept outdoors,” said North Shore Animal League America Volunteer & Spokesperson Beth Stern. “Plastic barrels with no insulation are not a suitable enclosure for these dogs and something needs to be done before they die!”

“North Shore Animal League America’s Emergency Rescue Team is on-call to deploy two of our mobile rescue units to provide assistance by offering warm enclosures for
the dogs and to even take all 66 of the dogs back to our adoption headquarters in Port Washington, NY where they can find loving and caring homes,” said North Shore
Animal League America Senior Vice President of Operations Joanne Yohannan. 

According to International Business Times, the nonprofit group Lexus Project, appeared at the Montgomery County Courthouse on Monday and filed an Article 78 proceeding, which according to Monday’s WNYT News has lead to a judge’s involvement and a court hearing TODAY at 2 p.m.  to determine if the canines are being kept in unsafe conditions.  

North Shore Animal League’s Emergency Rescue Team is ready pending the results of the 2 p.m. court hearing.

Images courtesy of Cara Messina via Save The Dogs From Flat Creek Border Collies Facebook page.

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