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Benefits of Adopting an Adult Cat

  • Adopting a mature cat is less maintenance. You do not have to go through the demanding and time-consuming stage of raising a kitten.
  • Adult cats are independent and do not need anyone home with them during the day. Purrr-fect for busy, employed or active people.
  • Adult cats are often litter-box trained (although initial mistakes are possible in the beginning until the cat is used to its new surroundings) and are more likely to have some basic training.
  • Adopting a mature cat leaves little room for unpleasant surprises. You will have an accurate idea of the cat's temperament, full-grown size, coat, etc.
  • Adult cats are more likely to have already been spayed, neutered and fully vaccinated.
  • Adult cats understand the concept of approval and reward and are eager to please their owners.
  • Many adult cats came from previous homes and are usually well versed at being a good pet and a good patient should it need medical attention.
  • Adult cats get into less mischief, and you do not need to "kitten-proof" your home.
  • Older cats are less rambunctious than kittens and may be a better choice for small children and seniors.
  • Older cats often have trouble finding new homes, as people are more likely to flock toward kittens.

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