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Reasons to Adopt Two Adult Cats

Twice the love, twice the gratitude—and two lives saved instead of one!

It’s a truism for shelters everywhere, and it’s no different here at North Shore Animal League America: People gravitate to kittens and puppies first, often ignoring older animals. While we’re thrilled when folks adopt any shelter animal, there are wonderful benefits to adding an adult pet to your family.

But we have an even better suggestion: Double the joy by adopting TWO adults rather than just one! You’ll not only save two lives, you’ll bring twice the amount of unconditional love into your life.

Need convincing? Here are some of the many reasons that adopting two fabulous cats is the purr-fect plan, from Christina Travalja, the Animal League’s cat behavior specialist.

  • Although adult cats might not seem to require as much attention as their kitten counterparts, the reality is that all pets thrive when they receive lots of attention and stimulation—and they’re more likely to get into trouble when they’re bored. When you’re at work all day or away from home for longer stretches for any reason, your cats will be happy to have companionship—each other!
  • Cats are much less likely to engage in any destructive or other disruptive behaviors (scratching, biting, chewing, etc.) when they have another cat to socialize with; they provide each other with built-in exercise and playtime.
  • Veterinary studies indicate that when cats share their homes with another cat, both cats are healthier. Just like people, animals with buddies are sick less often, have shorter hospital stays and live longer.
  • Older cats have already developed their personalities, so you’ll know if they prefer the company of other felines or not. Also, our adoption specialists are experts at knowing which cats do best together, so you won’t be alone in making the perfect match!

In fact, the Animal League often has pairs of adult cats who are already deeply bonded. They may be here because their owner passed away or relocated to a place that did not accept animals. These duos are already known to get along beautifully—in fact, many would be extremely distraught if they were to be separated. They need each other—and they need you, too.

Remember, the Animal League offers a discount both for adopting older pets (cats over six months old) and for adopting pairs. Your two new best friends are waiting for you! Come visit us today, or check out some of our adoptable cats. Any questions,  email our expert at

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