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Planned giving Q&As

Great tips and advice from the Animal League Experts.

Below are Q&As on planned giving that relate to cats or dogs. Not what you're looking for? Use the form below to change your criteria, or submit your question to one of our experts.

Legal Category
Why Should I Have a Will?

Why should I have a will? 


If you don’t have a will, your assets (except for those with beneficiary designations, such as life insurance) will pass, not necessarily how you wish, but how the state decides your property should go. Depending on the state, and your circumstances, this may mean that your spouse will get all or just a portion of your estate.  It may mean that it is necessary to create an expensive guardianship or conservatorship for minor children and that your children get their share before they are ready to handle it.  It may mean, if you are not survived by children or grandchildren, that distant heirs, whom you may not even know, end up with your property.  It may even mean that the state inherits from you.  And it will mean two other things:  1) any charity you want to support will receive nothing and 2) your surviving pets have no protection.

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Answered by Planned Giving Expert
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