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Safe Toys & Bones for Your Dog

Appropriate toys are toys that cannot harm the dog or teach /reinforce any undesirable behaviors. Make sure the toy or bone is an appropriate size for your dog. It should not be small enough to fit completely in the dog’s' mouth making it possible for him to swallow it and choke. Do not overwhelm the dog with toys; rotate them to keep his interest. The dog should always have something to chew. Keep in mind anything new to a dog’s' system may cause diarrhea.

Safe Dog Toys and Bones

Kong: This is a hard, hollow rubber toy shaped like a beehive. It can be filled with food or treats. The Kong manufacturer has a variety of hard rubber toys including a treat ball.

Crazy Ball and Buster Cube: Are activity toys that dispense treats as the dog plays. Hard rubber balls or donut shapes and sticks

Compressed rawhide: This is safer than regular rawhide. It is less likely to cause choking. Pig Twists: These are shaped like a retriever stick but are safer and more digestible since they are made from pigskin instead of rawhide.

Busy Buddy Bone: Nyla bone combined with a rubber ball and treat that can be replenished - EXCELLENT long-lasting toy for any age.

Nylabones: These come in an edible variety ofr hard plain and flavored nylon. Knuckle bones: These are real bones that are very messy and should be restricted to a crate or washable floor to avoid any remaining residue. There are a variety of animal by- products on the market such as pig ears and cow hooves. These products can stimulate the dogs "prey/killer" instincts, which lays dormant, and cause some dogs to display aggression or guard the item. These are not appropriate for dogs that exhibit this behavior.

Unsafe Dog Toys and Bones

Rope toys, clothing, such as shoes and socks or anything fabric

Stuffed animals: Exception: If you have a dog who likes to carry something soft in his mouth but does not chew it you can provide him with a nondescript lambs wool stuffed animal made specifically for dogs.

Toys with squeakers: If the dog chews and is left unsupervised the squeaker can get lodged in the dog's throat.

Rawhide: Rawhide can cause choking and should be given under supervision. It should not be given to young puppies. Poultry, fish or chop bones (lamb or pork chops): These can splinter causing injury.


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