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Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

What IS spaying and neutering? 

Spaying and neutering is the common term for surgical sterilization.  In female animals, the surgeon removes the entire reproductive tract.  In males, the testicles are removed. 

Why Spay and Neuter?


There are many reasons for spaying and neutering your pet.  The first reason is population control.  There are many unwanted euthanasias that are performed all over the country for the sole reason that there aren't enough homes for all of the homeless pets.  If we spay and neuter our pets early in life, we can prevent overpopulation and decrease the number of euthanasias performed.  For this reason, there are many shelters that will perform low cost surgeries on feral cat populations.  The surgery is quick and pain is minimal.  Animals typically can be released back into the wild on an outpatient basis.  If we work as a community to spay and neuter our pets, we can help decrease the number of homeless animals and decrease the spread of infectious diseases.


Another reason for spaying and neutering our pets early in life is to help prevent cancer.  When we sterilize our pets we not only decrease chances of uterine and testicular cancer but we can help prolong our pets lives.  Mammary and prostate cancer risks are decreased immensely from spaying and neutering, as well.  Also, some unwanted behaviors can be avoided early on by spaying and neutering. 

When deciding to adopt an animal from your shelter, please consider the above factors in this very important decision.  It could mean a longer, more enjoyable life for your pet, and you can help decrease the number of homeless animals in our society.  For more information, please contact your veterinarian.

(Dr. J. Palmeri)


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