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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Taking Your Dog To Work- Travel Tips from the Animal League

These days, more and more places are becoming pet-friendly. Outdoor restaurants, hotels, parks, stores and more are beginning to accommodate pets, so why not the office?

North Shore Animal League America encourages you to take part in National Take Your Dog to Work Day each year, and here are a few tips to make your pet’s big day a day to look forward to.

10 Tips on Taking Your Dog To Work
  1. Get the OK before you bring your dog to the office. Make sure that the workplace is not only conducive to pets, but that your pet won't be stressed out in the office.
  2. Consult with co-workers, making certain that having a pet in the workplace will not be disruptive, trigger allergies or cause anyone anxiety.
  3. Plan ahead with co-workers who are bringing their dogs to work, so that space will be properly allocated and that it's agreed that everyone's pet will get along.
  4. Make sure your best friend has a good place to nap, play and eat in your workspace. Use a pet or child gate to close off the area and make sure others know there is a dog in the space.
  5. Bring a bed or soft blanket for napping. Dogs love dens, so under your desk may be a perfect spot.
  6. Bring toys so he doesn't get bored.
  7. Bring snacks, water and a water bowl.
  8. Be prepared to clean up after any accidents.
  9. Keep your pet on a short leash that you can easily grab in case you want to bring the pet back to you. If the leash is short, it won't become tangled or caught, or cause a co-worker to trip.
  10. Before you start the workday, take your dog for a walk or run to release energy which makes for a calmer start-  up to the day


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