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Will I get my dog back from Animal Control?


My dog has been aggressive lately. We have an appointment with a dog trainer,  but today he tried to bite me so I hit him on the muzzle. He growled so I pushed him with my foot. Someone called Animal Control and they took him. Will I get my dog back?


Unless a dog ‘owner’ signs a surrender agreement, he/she is generally entitled to a hearing before any final disposition of a dog alleged to be dangerous is made. Even if a surrender agreement was signed, one can still try to assert rights. Dogs who bite are often ordered quarantined for several days (although sometimes in the ‘owner’s’ home, not at a shelter). I suggest that you immediately contact animal control to inform them verbally and in writing that you want your dog back. Remember that a hearing should be requested if there is any indication that the dog may not be returned, or that the dog may be killed or subject to other conditions. The dog’s life may be in jeopardy. I suggest hiring an attorney in these matters. I also suggest hiring a humane animal trainer.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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