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How can I get animal records from a Rescue?


I was originally a foster for a rescue for our lab mix. The rescue that we were fostering for gave us an offer to adopt her at a reduced adoption fee. My fiance and I agreed and signed the papers to adopt her as well as paid the fee. We have made repeated requests for copies of her medical records as well as papers stating that we have adopted her. It has been 2 months and we still have not received anything even though they said that they have mailed them to us. We are getting married in 3 months and these records are needed if we are to board her while we are on our honeymoon as well as need to give to her new vet. What steps can I take to get these records from the rescue?


Louisiana animal shelters are required to maintain records of veterinary treatment given to each animal although I cannot say whether the rescue you adopted your dog from would constitute an animal shelter as defined under the law. Local law enforcement authorities should have access to such records. Local parishes sometimes have additional laws. If the shelter is government run, records may also be accessible under freedom of information laws. If the rescue is not considered a shelter under Louisiana law and/or you cannot obtain the records when you need them, I suggest discussing this situation with a veterinarian who may provide the dog with vaccinations so that she may be able to be boarded while you are away.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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