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Can the original breeder reclaim the dog I received by answering an ad?


I was given a German Shepherd by a lady contacted through a local ad. The puppy was 16 weeks old and came with AKC papers. I have had the dog for almost a year now and the breeder has contacted me and said the previous owner broke a contract by giving the puppy away and not checking with the breeder first. She wants my address to come see the dog. I have three kids who love this dog. I did not register the dog with AKC. Does this breeder have any right to come to my house and take claim over my dog.


One would need to review all of the contracts regarding the dog to know what rights the breeder may have although it is unlikely the breeder could legally take the dog from your home without your permission. Hopefully, the breeder is simply concerned about the dog’s welfare and just wants to make sure the dog is happy and healthy. Sometimes these situations can be resolved if the breeder is provided with veterinary records and photos to show that the animal is in good hands. I suggest that the dog be spayed or neutered. Not only do these procedures provide health benefits for the dog and help to reduce the overpopulation of dogs, but the breeder may not be as interested in an altered animal (although this is difficult to predict without knowing more about the breeder and the contract).

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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