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What can we do to get the County to take my neglectful neighbor's dog?


We live part time in Lake Arrowhead CA, San Bernadino County 92352. Next door dog is left out in cold 24/7. Does have a room with food-water but door is left open. Night temps in the 20s. Dog is skinny and suffering. Reported to County over 3 times. They served notice to owner who each time manages to show up in time to talk his way out of it. He leaves dog for 3-5 consecutive days. Dog barks all day, most nights. What can we do to get County to take dog away?


I suggest contacting local humane societies and rescue groups to request their help. It is important in dog abuse and neglect situations to focus on the abuse and neglect, and not the dog barking. Also, attempting to purchase a neglected animal is another way to possibly save an animal from dire circumstances when law enforcement fails to act.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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