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My dog conceived while at doggie daycare - is there anything I can do?


I took my two dogs to a doggie care. I informed the workers at the place my female dog was in heat. August 5 my dog had puppies. I do not have them in the same room at all. Down to taking them to the doggie day care we drove the two dogs in different cars. Based on the dates she (female dog) conceived while in the doggie daycare, is there anything I can do?


I suggest you have your dog spayed as soon as your veterinarian says your dog is ready after nursing her pups. I think it is highly unlikely that a doggie care facility will assume financial responsibility for a pregnancy under circumstances where one has an unspayed female dog and an unneutered male dog. I suggest you also have your male dog neutered. There is a dog and cat overpopulation crisis in the United States.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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