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Foster family is refusing to give my dog back – What rights do I have?


When I found out I had to move to NY for family reasons for 6 months, I set up a temp foster home for my dog. Not even a week after I left the woman began asking for my dog, I told her no, she then told me to find another foster home. I did and we arranged for her to be picked up but she is now refusing to give back my dog. I have signed over power of attorney to my dog to her new foster home. But because this woman lives on base, city police have no jurisdiction and military police aren't doing much to help. This woman has no legal right to my dog and I just want her placed with her new foster and away from that woman. What can I do?


When one believes his/her animal is being wrongfully withheld, one can sue to try to get the animal returned. I suggest you hire an attorney.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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