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How can we get vet fees returned for fostered pet?


We "fostered" a dog for a week before we actually adopted the dog. During that foster week the dog developed kennel cough and had worms. I took her to my vet to receive treatment which came to $145. this was 3 days after fostering. Later we signed the paper to legally adopt the dog and my fiance paid $125. I know the dog lemon laws says if a dog gets sick within 14 days that we are entitled a medical refund. BUT we hadn't signed the dog, so we payed for care for their dog. Are we entitled to a refund and are they going to take the dog back when we go in for the next set of shots and not tell us?


Often a foster ‘parent’ and rescue organization or shelter enter into an agreement that delineates rights and responsibilities, including who pays for an animal’s needs (such as veterinary care) during foster care. Adoption agreements usually address rights and responsibilities as well and sometimes contain provisions specifying remedies in the event of a breach of an adoption agreement. Florida’s pet sale law giving purchasers rights if they purchase sick animals is not applicable to county and city operated shelters and registered non-profit humane organizations. However, shelters and rescue groups  frequently work cooperatively with foster care ‘parents’ to ensure that the foster animal gets necessary care.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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