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How can I get my cat back from my ex?


My fiance bought me a sphynx kitten & he is registered in my name & address. My boyfriend broke off our engagement & took the kitten. I have asked for him back but he won't give him to me. I'm the rightful owner of the cat. He was a gift.


When a pet ‘custody/ownership’ dispute cannot be resolved amicably, lawsuits are sometimes commenced.. Mediation may be worth considering if both parties are amenable. Courts will review evidence to determine if an animal was abandoned or given as a gift. Courts are likely to consider evidence regarding an animal's registration, licensing and microchipping (including the timing of such registration, licensing and microchipping) along with other evidence. Sometimes courts also consider the animal’s best interests. The police usually do not get involved in pet custody disputes but sometimes they do if they believe an animal was stolen.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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