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How can I get custody of my kitten from my ex?


I found a kitten and raised it in an apartment I rented with my ex. When we parted ways she agreed to hold on to my cat until my new accommodation was ready, approximately a month but I was also staying at her place with my cat.

She refused to give up my cat when it came time to and she has barred me from her apartment because of this.

How can I get custody of my kitten? She is now one year old.


If one believes an animal is being wrongfully withheld, one can sue for the return of the animal. A court will determine who ‘owns’ the cat now. This can be a difficult task for a court when there is no written custody agreement. For example, one party might say the animal was a gift or abandoned while the other might say that he or she is the ‘owner’ of the animal and the other person was merely caring for the animal on a temporary basis. Sometimes courts will consider the best interests of the animal but one should not count on that happening. I hope you and your ex do what is best for the cat.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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