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How can I get my dog back from the breeder after my family emergencies?


My Mikey has been sick, I had blood work done. His enzymes were very high. I couldn't afford the ultra sound, so my vet tried antibiotic lactose and low protein dog food. My daughters had a hysterectomy, then found out she needed a pacemaker. While I'm helping my daughter and Mikey, I get a call from my other daughter who was in a car accident and was in I.C.U. - she broke her femur bone. I left one daughter to go to another because she has a 3 year old. I was telling the breeder everything that's been going on and she offered to help me with Mikey. I thought that was nice. I brought her his meds and food and vet papers in case he got sick. Now I go to get him and she tells me she is not giving him back. I called the police and they tell me 9/10 of the law she has possession. I have proof he's mine and the sign paid in full but she will not give me back my baby boy Mikey. April 26, 2013 I put my baby in her hands and on 5/12/13 I went to visit him, she said I'm not giving him back and called him Harley. I have been to the police, SPCA, I wrote to consumer affairs, to see if they would publish it under the puppy lemon law. I don't know what else to do. Please help me.


Breeder contracts vary. Some of these contracts state that the breeder has the right to repossess dogs with no refund to the purchaser if the breeder determines that the dog has been abused, neglected or otherwise not cared for in a proper manner. One can sue breeders for the return of animals who are repossessed. Courts handle contract disputes.

Submitted by Helen, FL
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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