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How can I get my dog back from a co-worker's friend?


I let a co-worker have my dog 2 weeks a go cause I was moving in a place that did not allow dogs. I called her a week after telling her that I wanted my dog back because I was not moving in that place; I found a place that allows dogs and she has given my dog to someone I do not know. What can I do to get my dog back?


Usually when one gives a companion animal away, one loses all rights to that animal. Unless one can demonstrate to a court that there was an agreement allowing for the return of an animal within a particular time period or under other specified circumstances, one will likely have difficulty getting an animal returned (unless the person who has the animal wants to return the animal). I hope ‘your’ dog is happy in his/her new home and that his/her new ‘owner’ can provide the dog with a loving forever home.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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