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How can we get our dog back from my husband's ex-coworker?


My dog was given to us as a gift by my husband's coworker (he works at a dog facility). We had the dog for 3 weeks now and she asked my husband to bring the dog to work because she "missed" him and wanted to see the dog. My husband took the dog to work and went on his lunch break and came back to the dog missing. She took the dog and won't give it back to us. Is this illegal and how can we get the dog back? She no longer works there and will not answer phone calls.


One can sue for the return of an animal wrongfully withheld. If there is no written adoption/sale agreement, courts have to determine the true ‘facts.’ Often, parties have different stories to tell. Although the police can enforce pet theft laws, they usually do not get involved in pet custody/’ownership’ disputes between individuals who know each other.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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