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How can I get my dog out of the pound before it's put down?


My 2 year old dog was laying on the deck and bit a family member, here's the thing I had to leave my dog at my grandparents because I couldn't take it with me to my new place until July 30th. My grandma has changed her story x times saying that 3 people were around to no one was around. Well she has signed it over to the pound as the owner an it is to be put down July 5th unless I can do something. I've raised the dog, it lived with me and my girlfriend has taken it to the vet. I've bought its food, everything, now she's saying she's the owner because I've had no contact with it in 30 days...Please help me I can't lose my dog.


Sometimes when shelters are made aware that there is a dispute as to ‘ownership’ of a dog, they will not honor a surrender agreement authorizing the killing of the dog. If one wants to claim 'ownership' of an animal at a shelter, it can be helpful to present the shelter with adoption/purchase records, dog license, vet records---anything showing 'ownership.' Of course, it is always simpler when the person who surrendered the animal informs the shelter that he/she has reconsidered or is not the ‘owner’ after all. However, when an animal’s life is at stake, as it appears in your situation, it is often necessary to hire an attorney to intervene to stop the shelter from killing the animal. You should also speak with an attorney in your area about the potential liability associated with being the ‘owner’ of a dog who has bitten a person. I hope you can convince your grandmother to work with you and the shelter immediately. Also, sometimes the media can be helpful in highlighting a situation such as this and sometimes local legislators will intervene to try to save an animal's life.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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