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How can I get my dogs back from an adopter who is breeding them too often?


8 months ago, I found out that my parents gave my 2 huskies away. I have had them since I got them as puppies from the breeder, and I paid for them. The lady who took them stopped answering my family when I tried to get in contact with them to find them. She stopped answering completely and got a new number. I finally got a name and a number and contacted her after 8 months of searching. I found out that she has been breeding them 2 times each already (4 litters of pups) in the past 8 months without a license and after agreeing with my parents that she wouldn't and failed to inform us this. I feel as though this is bad for my dogs because you cannot constantly breed dogs every heat cycle and I want to get them back. She took my dogs under false pretenses and is breeding them without my permission and after lying and saying she just wanted family dogs. How can I get them back?


Generally, when one gives away or sells an animal such person relinquishes all rights to that animal, unless there was an agreement to the contrary. If you or your parents did not want the dogs to be used for breeding, the dogs should have been spayed/neutered prior to selling them or giving them away. You are right though that it is not good for the dogs to be breeding. One can sue to try to get animals returned based on breach of contract, fraud, or other cause of action.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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