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How can I get my dog back from animal control?


I am a pregnant single mother of three girls and a couple weeks ago, as my six year old was leaving for school, our little shitzuh puppy ran out the door. I searched for her for hours before calling animal control. They had her. Anyways, since I only get so much room, long story short, they tried to charge me over four hundreds dollars to get her back! And when someone offered to pay for me, they would not let him because he didn't know me! I have no history with animal control and they have no reason not to return our puppy! I requested a hearing and they ignored me. They had my puppy up for adoption but immediately hid her somewhere when they realized I was looking for her. Aren't they supposed to help people?! I mean what is this? Because I'm not rich????!!! Can you please please help my girls and I get our dog back please!


If animal control will not return the dog to you, I suggest you retain an attorney in your area, although I realize that due to financial constraints this may be difficult. Municipalities can charge redemption fees for the return of animals. Most redemption fees are far less than $400. Animal control is supposed to help animals and must abide by the law while doing so. I cannot say what their reason is for not returning an animal to a person claiming ‘ownership.’ Possibilities could include, for example, inadequate proof of ‘ownership,” failure to pay redemption fee, or animal neglect. If the dog has been to a veterinarian, it may help to have the veterinarian contact animal control to confirm that you are the dog’s ‘owner’ and have taken good care of the dog.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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