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How do we get a rescue dog back from an unfit adopter?


Our rescue adopted-out a dog to an owner that has proven to provide inadequate care. The adopter signed a contract which includes a clause stating that we have the right to reclaim the dog within 30 days if we find the animal is not cared for properly. How do we get the dog back? Can we go to the home and take the dog so long as it is within 30 days?


Consider a civil lawsuit for the return of the animal based on a breach of contract. Unless accompanied by the police to remove the dog, there is the risk of being arrested for trespass and other crimes. I suggest you consult with an attorney who can review your adoption contract and advise you further about your rights. Also, I suggest that you contact your local society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (SPCA) and the police who are authorized to enforce the state’s animal cruelty laws and to seize neglected and abused animals.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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