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Can I get my dog I sold back?


I recently sold my English bulldog 2 weeks ago because my daughter was not giving her as much attention as I thought she should have. The next day I asked the lady if I could buy her back because my daughter was deeply saddened with her gone and still is. I explained this to the lady and she kept saying give it a couple days so we went to the end of the week and my daughter was still upset so I begged the lady one last time and she ended up saying no. Is there anyway I can get her back? There was no written agreement upon selling her.


When an individual sells an animal, that individual usually loses all rights to that animal. If there is no written sales contract, courts will look at other evidence to determine the arrangement between the parties. For example, was there an advertisement for the sale of the animal? Were the animal’s toys and papers given to the alleged purchaser? Sometimes purchasers will sell an animal back or return an animal. However, purchasers can quickly bond with an animal and decide that the person who sold the animal could not really have had much of a bond with that animal. Dogs can live for a couple of decades and should have a forever loving home. An adult needs to be the primary caretaker of an animal. I hope that the dog is happy however this works out.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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