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My Grandma gave my dog away – how can I get it back?


I left my grandmother my dog while I went away. When I came back she had given my dog away. It's been two months. Is it possible to get him back if I have the papers for the dog?


One can sue to try to get an animal returned. Of course, it generally makes sense to request an animal’s return prior to suing. Registration, licensing, and adoption/sale papers provide some indication of ‘ownership,’ but these papers do not prove that one still ‘owns’ an animal. A court would likely consider other factors which demonstrate who owned the dog when he was given away to his new family. A court might also consider that the dog has been with his new family for a couple of months. I hope you also consider what is best for the dog and whether you are in a position to provide lifetime care for him.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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