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My roomate intentionally lets dog out.


One of my roommates is always opening the door, so then my dog can go outside and get killed by cars or get lost. I dont know if thats a crime but everytime he does it. Its when I go out he waits about 5 minutes and then he release my dog. Can someone help me? I want to know if this is a crime, so if something happens to my little dog he will pay for it.


There is really only one word I can think of to respond to your question. Move. It will be too late for your little dog if something bad happens when the door is opened. It is against the law to abandon an animal or to cruelty treat an animal but proving abandonment or cruelty in a situation where a person leaves a door open can be difficult. Ultimately, you are responsible for safeguarding your dog so I suggest that you do. That may entail putting the dog in your room when you go out, finding another place to live, or finding a safe, loving home for the dog.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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