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What do I do about my lost and found dog needing surgery?


My dog got off his leash and broke his collar. We put signs up everywhere and three days later a man called saying he found our dog. I called him back and he was very rude. He told me he took him to the vet and he needs surgery. The man called me names and told me that I'm responsible for every vet bill and if I didn't take care of my dog right it would be the last thing I would do. I spoke with the vet that has him and the vet thinks someone ran him over and now our dog has a broken leg and needs surgery. What do I do?


I suggest you pay for your dog’s care. Your dog is your responsibility. I think you should also thank the man who found your dog and brought him to the veterinarian. If it wasn’t for him, your dog could have died.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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