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Can I get cat back from my mom?


My mom has a cat that is under my name. But because I was sick for a little bit she has had it over a month . Am I allowed to get the cat back without the court? W hat are the steps?


One�s right to remove a cat from the cat�s present location depends on the situation. There are issues of theft and trespassing that could arise in certain circumstances particularly when the parties have a different view about an animal�s �ownership.� A microchip registration is one indication of �ownership� but does not always prove �ownership.� If litigated, courts will consider the totality of the evidence presented, such as what transpired after the microchip registration (for example, was the animal sold, given away, abandoned, or boarded). I hope that you and your mother can work out the cat�s custody arrangement in an amicable way that considers the cat�s best interests.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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