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I think someone is trying to keep my outdoor cat.


I live in an apartment complex and I have an indoor/outdoor cat. He goes out everyday and pretty much everyone knows about him. He has a collar with his name and my phone number on it. He has gone missing before and this last time he came home with his collar missing and a little girl's necklace around his neck. I feel like someone purposefully took his collar off and tried keeping him. His collar never slips off nor has he ever tried taking it off. I'm scared to let him back outside in the case that I never see him again. What should I do?


I suggest you keep your cat indoors. Outdoor cats face many dangers, including, for example, getting lost, stolen, run over, exposed to diseases, and subjected to cruelty. Unspayed and unneutered cats also contribute to the already tragic cat overpopulation problem, which leaves many cats and their litters homeless. The fact that a cat’s collar has not fallen off in the past does not mean it never will. 

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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